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The countryside is one of our greatest assets and it is important that development should not only provide for our needs, but also enhance the landscape which has been nurtured and shaped by generation of rural people.

When it comes to planning the building you should resist the temptation to use a standard house plan or a design copied from elsewhere.  This might seem a simple approach and a way to reduce costs, but bear in mind that such plans are not designed for your particular site and they can often require expensive and time-consuming re-design.

In Northern Ireland we need to improve the quality of development in the countryside.  Standard plans are generally not suitable for use in the countryside since they cannot take account of the surroundings and the special character of each site.  Using ‘cheap’ plans has often resulted in poor design and in buildings which unfortunately look out of place in our landscape.  In addition, badly designed buildings can also prove to be an expensive mistake for the owner, with the result that no-one is satisfied.  The designer must aim to satisfy your requirements whilst safeguarding the countryside, and this demands skill.  Skilled design may take time, but it is a worthwhile investment and is essential for a successful scheme.  The designers job is to turn your instruction into drawings for consideration by the Department of Environment.

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